August 18, 2016

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Promo Tour in NYC

Not even my broken foot could keep me from the Unity PBS Concert promotional tour, so limping and with a positive vibe, I went to New York to present my new production.

It’s an incredible city, fast-paced and crazy like me, hehe! I got to visit YouTube’s offices and learn a bit more about the platform, and I also got to see the neighborhood where Tito Puente grew up and where he lived for many years, which made this trip even more incredible since he is one of my idols and a role model to follow in music, and being there, I couldn’t help but feel excited to walk around where he once did.

Sleeping for only a few hours, eating at odd times, radio interviews, television interviews, etc., but it was all worth it because Unity is a hit which keeps growing day by day thanks to you. Lots of love for you guys!!


Don’t forget to check the ‘NYC Promo Trip’ vlog


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