June 20, 2017

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Tony Succar has a big homecoming in Peru


Being back in my homeland after so long and precisely on my birthday, enjoying the bash my family threw for me, and accompanying Deyvis Orosco as his special guest at his concert was the best b-day gift I could have received!

Lima’s “Centro Histórico”, one of the oldest plazas in the Americas, was the perfect setting where I had the opportunity to be interviewed, play my “cajón” outdoors and enjoy some time with passersby. I was also able to tour the city a bit after an absence of four years. I was spoiled in every sense of the word; I ate delicious lomo saltado (my favorite) and had so much birthday cake that I was ready to pop. By the way, one of the cakes was brought with loving hands by my Fan Club, and I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart to each and every member for their support.

Deyvis Orosco’s concert at Plaza Norte was fantastic. The affection my fellow Peruvians show while supporting their countrymen and in this case in particular our music, is just incomparable. It makes me even prouder to be Peruvian -that’s if such a thing is possible- 🙂



I hope to be back soon, this time with Unity, and be able to rock all together at a super concert. Love you guys!


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